Lehrstuhl für Chemische Technologie der Materialsynthese


    Our group focuses on the bottom-up synthesis of complex particle entitites from nanoparticle buidling-blocks.
    Thus, we make particles from particles, so-called supraparticles.

    We are interested in novel, functional properties that emerge from the cooperative properties of the combined nano-building-blocks.

    In a material science approach we study how structure and complexity in a particle system determines functionality.

    Nowadays, people are very good at “engineering” on an atomic scale, i.e., synthesising molecules in a highly precise way. The same holds for the meter scale, i.e., the macroscopic world. The challenge that remains today is the chemical engineering of microscopic (100 nm – 10 µm) objects. In our group, we work at these dimensions, mostly by means of wet-chemistry.

    With the novel particle systems we develop, we aim at creating advanced materials for instance for sustainability applications.



    Translation to real-life applications is conducted via the group members of the Particle Technology Group at the Fraunhofer ISC, where particle systems are upscaled to prototype scale (kg), processed, incorporated in or coated on materials and tested with repsect to advanced performance. 


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